QuantConnect Research

QuantConnect Research

Strategy Library Contributions

The QuantConnect Strategy Library is a collection of tutorials that show how to build trading algorithms. I contributed the following tutorials:


I participated in several QuantConnect YouTube videos.

Strategy Demo: Value & Momentum Everywhere

Value and momentum factors are commonly researched in the literature. What makes them interesting factors is they are negatively correlated, yet they are both profitable. In this video, I demonstrate how to implement a strategy that targets both factors across a universe of US Equities. Additionally, I share some source code that shows how to apply the strategy across multiple asset classes. The strategy in this video is based on "Value and Momentum Everywhere" (Asness, et al., 2012).

To view the strategy code, see the Meetup post in the QuantConnect forum.

Strategy Demos: Options, Machine Learning, & WallStreetBets

In this video, I share 3 strategies:

Alpha Streams Portfolio Optimization

If you have a portfolio of strategies, how much should you allocate to each strategy? In this presentation, I demonstrate how to optimize the weights in a portfolio of crowd-sourced strategies to maximize the Sortino ratio of the portfolio.

To clone the optimization code, see the Alpha Streams Portfolio Optimization Notebook post in the QuantConnect forum.